What is Compassion?

What is Compassion?

The word Compassion can be interpreted differently by each of us. Our team members describe what it means to them.

Dr. Reagan:
"We really don't want your time at Family Dentistry of Neosho to be anything but great! We all have stories about the dentist. We work hard to listen and adjust so your visit is a positive story! You could say compassion is our middle name!"

Kim C.:
"Taking care of our patients needs and making sure we treat them the way we want to be treated."

Dianna D.:
"I would like an office to have compassion for my fears, and help me to understand everything that is going to happen during my visit."

Danette D.:
"By being sympathetic to patients problems and feelings."

Kim S.:
"I show my patients compassion by treating them as my friend and not just my patient."

Jaime F.:
"To know that someone cares and will listen even at a dental office. We want to know our patients as a person."

Julie S.:
"A deep awareness of ones feelings and the desire to help them."

Heather M.:
"To be able to relate to others feelings and their situations, and show it."

Mercedese B.:
"To be comforting and understanding with every patient. Go beyond what people might expect to feel comfortable."

Now that you know what compassion means to us, we want to hear what it means to you. We invite you to share your comments on how you found Compassion at Family Dentistry of Neosho.

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