Expanded Functions Dental Assistants

 Our Highly Trained Team

 You have all heard me say that the world of dentistry is always changing.  Most of the time, our team approach allows us to perform high tech dentistry.  Maybe, you have noticed the assistants at Family Dentistry of Neosho do more procedures, and taking a more active role in your treatment.
   All of our assistants at Family Dentistry of Neosho are expanded functions dental assistants.  This means they have extensive training.  This is great news, because their advanced training allows them to take even better care of you!  Our team is constantly learning and keeping up with the latest techniques and technology.  This makes your time at Family Dentistry as enjoyable as possible, while respecting your time. That is one of our core values!

Ask us about it!

   The next time you are in the office, ask one of our assistants about being an expanded function dental assistant. They will all be happy to share!
- Doc
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Dangers of Buying Aligners Online

Buyers Beware!

In recent months, more and more companies have been coming online to promote new clear aligners to straighten your teeth. In theory this sounds like a great idea, but buyers beware!

The research currently shows that these aligners are not yet efficient and will require more updates before being truly accurate. In fact, at this moment, these new styles of aligner hold close to a 75% failure rate, which means instead of actually straightening and aligning your teeth and improving your bite, it could make it worse!

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